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We Digitalize your Agriculture


Impacting Agriculture Industry

Only if we look backward, we get to know how far humankind has arrived. Advancement has been emerging and making life easier bit-by-bit. Today, there would be hardly anything that is not available at your fingertips regardless of products or services. Thus, it makes it vital for every sector to have an online presence and use newly updated technology. Offering technology and mobile services turns up customer convenience, which consequently raises conversions.

With such a notion, many start-ups have begun with Agriculture App Development to offer specific farming services, including agronomy, farming commodity, crop monitoring, etc. Developing Farmer Apps, these start-ups help farmers monitor key indicators related to crop cultivation and animal nurturing that alleviate the crop damage. Inserting IoT and AI-based features and leveraging smartphones’ existing features like cameras and GPS, many crop problems can be resolved.

  • Corresponding with clients to identify and evaluate their business or technical requirements.
  • Measuring performance and analysing data such as crop yield or farming.
  • Handling the business, compliance and paperwork issues surrounding modern farming.
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Our Solutions

Perform with the partners in Agriculture industries


Comodity Trading & Risk Management

A high performance, scalable solution for managing credit risk that can be easily implemented, is intuitive to use and flexible to adapt to the pace of change in the commodity markets


Livestock Management

Our platform can integrate well with all known operational, accounting, inventory, and sales tracking in your farm livestock such as poultry, goats, and prawn among others.


Farm Mechanization with IoT

Improved farm implements and machinery are used for different farm operations to increase productivity of land and labour through timeliness of operations.


Warehouse Management

Our digital WMS solutions ensure compliance with regulations for farm safety and warehouse hygiene. Our approach, boosting resource utilization, eliminating loss factor, and increasing warehouse productivity.


Digital Supply Chain

The integration in the traditional disjointed supply chain has been made possible through different revenue models developed by the organized retailers, exporters, processors through contract farming, etc.


Environmental health,Food and safety compliance

Our platform is equipped to integrate all smart devices, sensors, tracking devices, automated weather stations, automated irrigation systems etc.


Implement our digital solution to meet your need while improving the efficiency of the following Departments.



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Digital Transformation of your business with Uaguria

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